Boundaries, Narcissistic Abuse


A narcissist believes they are above everything. That the rules don’t apply to them. When you leave a toxic relationship with, it’s important to draw safe and healthy boundaries for yourself-especially when coparenting. Stay vigilant and stay strong. Know whatever boundary you set, they will ignore or tear down, but you rebuild. Here’s how to do it.”

The Narcissist Believes You are the Same Person
A narcissist  just can’t seem to understand why you left in the first place. After all, they were the ideal catch for anyone and the thought you leaving makes them both envious and angry. The narcissist believes because they are more superior and in total control of you and your actions. When you expressed free will and left, you didn’t have the right to leave. They see you as their property. You can do anything, think anything, or go anywhere until they have given you their permission. As the narcissist is someone who sees himself as never changing, the thought that you could change your mind or evolve as a person is beyond them. They continue to see you as the helpless victim and never as someone with free thought and free will of your own. Use this to your advantage.