Leaving, Manipulation, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Toxic Behaviors


This news story is from a murder/suicide in Utah. A man in his late 30s lied about his age and felony background to college senior,  Lauren McClusky. She found out and ended the relationship. That’s when he turned ugly. Locking herself in her dorm, he attempted to bait her from campus and extorted $1,000 from her to keep sexual photos of her from flooding the internet and tarnishing her track career. He eventually lured her out (having a friend pose as a campus officer) and shot her in the back seat of her own car. THEN proceeded to have another women he met online pick him up from the murder scene to take her on a date! Heartless doesn’t even come close.”

HG Tudor has written about how extreme psychopaths view others as “meat on a hook” or their puppets on a string, but this just got me riled. He’s also written about how extreme malignant narcissists use sex to lure/trap victims and gather blackmail material to further entrap and abuse victims during the devaluation or fury stage. Our killer sounds like a man with experience in targeting and blackmailing women-and his friends were in on the take. I just wonder how many more victims there were before this.

It takes a special mind to kill in cold blood and act like it’s just another ordinary day. If history teaches us anything, it’s that it repeats itself. So how many women have to die before we build a better system to listen, serve and protect victims?! The police failed her. She didn’t have to die.

Let’s Review the Red Flags:
1) Zero remorse. Zero compassion. Extortion. Emotional and physical abuse.

2) He already moved on to his next supply source. He was so calm, he immediately went on another date after killing a young woman without any care in the world!

3) He was dating online. HG Tudor is also very honest about online dating sites and how narcs troll for victims there.

4) He gathered/used blackmail material during the love bombing/infatuation stage.

5) He felt nothing during the devaluation stage (her murder) and simply moved on.

6) His “flying monkeys” were in on his schemes and even helped him lure this woman to her fatal confrontation with him.

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